reflective diary

Reflective Diary 5

Headaches from Hell I had a client who was told she had to visit me.  She had been suffering from regular and debilitating headaches.   She has had 6 sessions with a Chiropractor and 6 sessions with a physiotherapist, scans, x-rays, doctor visits and were currently on the waiting list for steroid injections to see if that would …

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Reflective Diary 4

A chance conversation leading to an amazing result Just before Christmas, I was leaving when I noticed I forgot my laptop.  I went back into Willow to grab it.  As I did a gentleman popped in wondering about our treatments as he had a sore back.  After discussing with him some of the clinical work …

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Reflective Diary 3

Roasted Nuts It is true that occasionally we get men phoning thinking Willow is not the type or massage center that it is.  Unfortunately, it is the nature of the business.  Thankfully we have not had too many incidents.  (They don’t ask twice, my dad taught me where to kick…) But it is something that …

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Reflective Diary 2

Sometimes you are exactly where you need to beMassage therapy is a tough job.  It is very physical, and the longer the treatment the harder it is on you.  2 hour massages can be awful if it’s the last one in the day.  This was one of those…. Last thing in the day a 2-hour …

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Reflective Diary

During my years at Willow Massage Centre, I have kept a reflective diary.  This has helped me to learn more about the way I work, what type of work people prefer the best and also to give me the occasional giggle.   No two treatments are the same, and by reflecting on this it will allow …

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